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Fifa 2023 prediction

The 2022 World Cup, which will start in Qatar next week, has already managed to sit on the agenda of social media. EA Sports, the developer of FIFA, simulated 64 possible matches in the 2022 World Cup and found the country that will lift the trophy. Considering that EA Sports has been successful three times before, this simulation is intriguing.

Will Argentina win the 2022 World Cup?
Using the same method to correctly predict the last three World Cup winners, EA Sports has announced the result for Qatar 2022. He predicted that Argentina would be the winner of this year’s World Cup and that Messi would enjoy the prize. According to EA Sports, Messi will receive the Golden Boot as the tournament’s top scorer.

According to screenshots from FIFA 23, Argentina will beat Denmark 2-1 in the Round of 16. Then, in the quarterfinals, he will match with the Netherlands and defeat his opponent with a score of 1-0. In the semi-finals, he will play against France, the owner of the 2018 World Cup, and will again win 1-0.

EA Sports, which draws attention by correctly predicting the winners in 2010, 2014 and 2018, said that the Qatar 2022 final match will be played between Argentina and Brazil. He announced that Argentina will lift the trophy with a score of 1-0.

The top scorer of Qatar 2022 will be Lionel Messi with 8 goals. Just behind Messi, Depay and Mbappe will appear with 6 goals. It should be noted that Argentina is the 2021 Copa America champion.

Although EA Sports’ highly successful simulation points to Argentina, the task of the team led by Messi is not easy. Countries such as Brazil, Germany, France and England have also been in contention in recent years.